2015 Worst Cyber Attacks

The Year 2015 recorded the worst cyber attacks where millions of users from public and private records were compromised. Not even the Feds could avoid getting hacked. Antem hacked last Feb 4, 2015, 78.8 Million numbers of records accessed including Social Security numbers, member ID numbers and other […]


Zombie Bear 3D Game

Zombie Bear 3D Game is coming to your iPhone and Android devices. It’s been my learning experience developing for iPhone and Android, and it will be ready for you to download. ZombieBear.com (official website). Play Online, click here /zombie-bear-play-online/ Some pictures to share: Keep in touch, bookmark this page or […]


Managed WordPress Hosting

You create your own dynamic site. We manage your setup, backups and security. Managed means easy. We do all this: Automatic account setup Automatic WordPress core updates Nightly backups w/ 1-click restore DDoS protection & site monitoring Optimized WordPress servers So you can simply do this: Build your awe-inspiring website SSL […]


KillBots 3D – MultiPlayer

KillBots 3D Game – a MultiPlayer Game for you to enjoy with friends playing online or using iPhone/Android devices. A similar multiplayer game in BootCamp, but KillBots 3D MultiPlayer is you against your online friends, other people and multiple autonomous robots. Stay alive and have fun. Official Website: KillBots.com For […]


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